I work with Creatives, like artists, designers, and scientists, who are sensitive and responsive to the world around them. You might enjoy solving puzzles, learning, discovering new perspectives, or expressing yourself through your art. Perhaps you’re a non-conformist. Your most meaningful experiences seem to happen when you are absorbed in the present moment, in the sensations, in the movement, or simply in the purpose of your activity.

  • Do you feel drained by having to be “on” all the time?
  • Do you feel limited or stifled with routine?
  • Do struggle with perfectionism or procrastination?
  • Do you wish you had better boundaries, were more assertive, or had more self-discipline?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your emotions, values, or from other people?
  • Are your emotions overwhelming?

Let’s tap that creative energy and work together to see things in a new light. As we find new ways to explore and communicate about your situation, we’ll come up with actions you can take to respond differently and get you realigned with the vital creative energies in your life.