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I work with Health and Medical Professionals, including nurses, medical residents, and medical students. You are drawn to your work by the deep fulfillment of helping people in need, and by the the thrill at a sense of mastery and expertise in a highly demanding profession. However, your role pushes your mental, physical, and emotional limits, and you are faced with many barriers to well-being, including unreasonable work demands, exposure to the suffering of your patients or clients, and lack of understanding from those outside your profession, to name a few.

  • Do you feel unsupported, resentful, angry, or apathetic?
  • Do you dread the sound of your alarm or pager?
  • Are you in conflict with a loved one or colleague?
  • Are you exhausted by the emotional weight of your work?
  • Are you a high-functioning person who carries a lot of stress from your commitments?

I work with you in a one-on-one, confidential setting to access your self-compassion, develop mindful stress-reduction skills, process difficult emotions, and work on improving relationships and communication. I can also share simple, but essential counselling skills that can help you in your interactions with patients. My aim is to get you back to feeling like the “real you,” renewed, resilient, and purposeful.