I work with athletes, bodyworkers, and other passionate movers who use their bodies in their work and play. You see your body as your most important asset, the tool of your trade, or your way of being in the world. You live to feel, to move, and to physically excel. You might feel a sense of peace when performing at a high level, and you are motivated by how experiences make you feel. Living and playing hard isn’t just tough for the body; it can take a toll on our minds and hearts as well.

  • Is your sport or profession no longer fun or pleasurable?
  • Has a physically gruelling regime left you exhausted?
  • Are anxious or worried thoughts blocking you from enjoying life and performing at a peak level?
  • Do you feel trapped or limited by a change or injury in your body?
  • Is there a disconnect between your public image and how you really feel?
  • Do you feel judged by others or your own negative inner voice?

Using cognitive behavioural and mind-body approaches to wellness, I can work with you on managing anxiety and depression, coping with stress, building motivation and self-compassion, and processing injury or trauma. My aim is to help you live in the body you have with acceptance, joy, and freedom while striving for your peak level of performance.