I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.
— Rabindranath Tagore


Helping others is deeply meaningful. I’ve always been independent and I used to feel pride at being able to handle my own problems. One day, I had no choice but reach out for help, and was humbled by the experience of being supported. Since then, I have come to believe that people helping each other survive and thrive gives life its meaning. I am grateful to those who have helped me through turbulent times in my life, and I am privileged to be able to offer help to others in my professional counselling role. At the same time, I take care of myself by seeking my own help through professional supervision and peer support.


I believe when we are present and completely engaged in the moment, we feel truly alive and connected with others. This isn’t always easy, especially when we’re having a tough time, or we’re distracted by worried or anxious thoughts. That’s why presence is a skill I practice every day. Do you yearn for more presence and connection in your life? When I meet with you in session, my aim to really be in the room with you, without judgment. I think the work (or play!) of counselling can help us practice staying present to our experience, regardless of what’s going on outside the room.


For me, the principle of balance is key to sustaining engagement with life, in the face of all the ups and downs. When I’m balanced, I feel grounded. That means I’m more capable of rolling with life’s punches, and less likely to knocked over or swept away. Where is your life in or out of balance? What can be shifted? Are you someone who gathers strength by spending time alone, but yearns for more closeness with others? Perhaps you have a great ability avoid conflict, but wish you could be more assertive? I can help you identify what is out of balance, and strategize ways to restore an equilibrium.


I acknowledge the courage it can take to sit in the counselling chair and do the inner work when things aren’t working. I know how hard those steps can be because I've been there myself. Through my own personal experiences with counselling I understand that opening our eyes, speaking our truth, and looking at what hurts us takes courage. And I believe courage is a skill that can be developed by leaning gently into discomfort and learning how to tolerate the tougher experiences. Considering coming to counselling, but feeling uncertain? Courage can begin in curiosity, about your story, about change, and about new ways of seeing things. I’ve got your back in your daring efforts to know yourself.


Creativity is about finding solutions. Erich Fromm defined creativity as “the ability to see (or be aware) and to respond.” Adopting new perspectives can change the nature of a problem, and can reveal solutions. And, I know from my experience as an artist, with two minds working creatively on a problem, we’ve at least doubled our chances of success. Is there an area of your lived experience that feels rigid, stuck, or impassable? Let’s innovate a way up, around, and out. I offer my creative and collaborative approach to work with you to find new ways to look at your challenges, to find a way out of a bind, or to grow.